Marrakech + Essaouira

We've recently returned from our Moroccon holiday, and much to our surprise, we didn't really love it.  I mean, it was a good break, but it really wasn't what we had hoped for. Why didn't we like it? It wasn't really a relaxing holiday.  Everything is a hassle.  Walking down the street, you're constantly bombarded to … Continue reading Marrakech + Essaouira

Expat Journals – Part 2

If you missed it, check out Part 1. From YSJ, I connected in Toronto for my layover in Dublin.  The layover in Dublin was very much planned.  It was a thousand dollars cheaper for me to fly to Dublin one way and buy a cheap Ryanair ticket than to fly directly to London Gatwick.  It … Continue reading Expat Journals – Part 2


My hometown is Saint John, New Brunswick.  I was born & raised on the west side of the city and lived there until I went to university in 2004.  After I graduated and moved back to SJ, I relocated to the uptown so I could be closer to work, friends and pubs. When I'm travelling … Continue reading YSJ