My Experience Teaching in Bulgaria

When it was getting closer to the time to move to the UK, I started to panic (read: totally shitting it) about money & finding a job.  I've always worked and this would be the first time I wouldn't actually have work.  I've never left a job without another one lined up. Freaking out, I … Continue reading My Experience Teaching in Bulgaria

Venice, Italy

My husband and I recently went to Venice for an extended weekend break and were surprised at just how lovely the city is.  Normally, weekend breaks can be quite hectic and not terribly relaxing; however, I cannot stress enough just how relaxed we were in Venice. When we were originally talking 2018 travel back in … Continue reading Venice, Italy

Bucket List

When I started this list, I hadn’t travelled anywhere.  It has slowly morphed into a take one off, add three more list.  What else should I have on this list?  What are your favourite experiences? Travel the Wild Atlantic Way. Go to a ceildh. Drink whisky in Scotland, working my way around to try it … Continue reading Bucket List