Our Story

I’ve written a lot about wedding planning and our life together now, but haven’t really discussed how we met.

When I first moved to London, I was desperate to make new friends and to explore London.  I’ve never not had a close circle of mates, and moving here meant I had to leave them all behind.  Big ol’ saddo. I missed my friends a lot.  On my first real day in London, I took the train to central London, plopped myself down in Trafalgar Square and Skyped all my mates at home.  As soon as I hung up, I cried.  Thank god for big sunglasses.  I missed my friends.  *I still miss my friends.*

Right, so, after being a loser who was totally lonely all the time, I thought I’d give online dating a go and downloaded Tinder.  I could make friends AND get some cocktails at the same time, so it was win win.  I had gone on several dates but they were all pretty crap.  I wasn’t meeting anyone that was really that interesting, so quickly got bored of Tinder.  My housemate at the time was trying other online options, so I thought I’d give one of those a go.

I downloaded the app for another online dating website, and started messaging with a few people.  I had a few dates, but again, lost interest quick.  I decided that I wasn’t going to stick around much longer and gave myself a timeline of 30 days to delete all if I hadn’t found anyone interesting enough.

A few days later, this bloke who lived nearby sent me a message.  We had actual conversations.  Like, full on conversations about our lives and interests and our families.  Most other guys were hardly capable of saying more than 3 words before a dick pic was sent across.  This guy seemed different!  It was a nice change.

A few weeks after chatting, he asked me to go to the cinema with him.  We had planned to go that Thursday, but I got stuck at work late and wasn’t able to make it so had to cancel, unfortunately.  We re-scheduled for a meal + drinks the following week, and basically, the rest is history!  He still gives me shit for blowing him out for our first date, but I think eventually he’ll get over it.

On our second date, he took me to The Shard, which was a pretty cool date.  We wandered around London after and had a lovely meal at a French restaurant.  On the way home, he asked me for a 3rd date.  Obviously things were going well.


View from The Shard on our second date.

On our fourth date, we went out in Camden and drank, I think, all the alcohol that exists north of the Thames.  Not long after that, we were planning our first mini-break away to the Cotswolds, followed by a weekend away in Liverpool.

We met in October 2015, and by January 2016, we were living together.  When we first got together, he was selling his house & looking to buy another.  I had to leave the place I was living and move into an Airbnb as I was trying to decide which part of London I wanted to live in, so he came with me.

Shortly after we decided to move in together, his offer on a place was accepted and the waiting game began for a move in date.  Sadly, it took much longer than anticipated and we were both homeless.  Not homeless, I’m being dramatic, but our Airbnb rental was up and I still hadn’t found a place and he moved out of his old house.  What’s better for a new couple trying to figure out their relationship?  Moving in with the in laws!  For months, we actually lived with my (now) husband’s parents in south London.

Finally in April, we moved in our flat and started the massive projects around here.  Within 2 weeks, we were on holiday in Turkey, where proposed!  Flash forward 2 years, and we’re married, still living in the same flat, and have a little pug.

We moved quick, but when you know, you know.

ortakoy mosque

Photo by Zaid Abutaha on Pexels.com

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