Our Bedroom

Since we moved into our flat in April 2016, we’ve made loads of changes.   We have a few projects coming up before we sell (which, hopefully will be around this time next year), including re-doing our bathroom, painting and changing out all the doors in the flat.

We’ve mostly finished the big jobs, obviously the bathroom is the exception here, but we’re now quite settled in the flat and starting to get a bit bored of our decor.  We need a new bed, so I have decided to turn this into an opportunity for me to change our bedroom decor.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 14.03.30.png

We’ve opted for the Evert ottoman bed in slate from Dreams in Superking with a tempur mattress.

In our bedroom now, we have the Ikea Hemnes line + a wardrobe that takes up an entire wall (grey sides, mirrored front).

In our bedroom, we’ve opted for light grey walls on three of our walls with a feature wall done in a blue & white ikat wallpaper.  Most of our accessories are whites, pinks and blues.  Our bedding is currently white with blue.

I want to update the bedroom’s decor a bit!  Mood Boards below for inspo.  What are your favourites?






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