Wedding Planning (Pt. 6) – The Worst Part of Wedding Planning.

The worst part of wedding planning is ….

Erin + Stuart - 336.jpg

…. the bloody seating chart!

My husband and I have accumulated a massive group of weirdos over the years, so had a really interesting group of characters attending our wedding.  We had people coming who didn’t know anyone, and people coming who knew people a little too intimately that didn’t want to be around certain people.  We had to keep everyone’s interests in mind and plan accordingly.

When we planned our seating chart, we literally wrote everyone’s name on scrap pieces of paper and placed them around little round cut outs (tables) to see where everyone would sit, who they would be looking at, who they would have their back to, and who they would have to pass by on the way to the loo or the bar.  This was serious business.


© Beatrici Photography  -

© Beatrici Photography –

We spent many hours planning and replanning our tables and where everyone would sit.  We purposefully planned this to make sure everyone had a great day.  This was, by far, the worst, most stressful part, of the wedding planning.

Ironically, it all went tits up with our shit caterers who were responsible for laying out the place names put them in wrong places and people we didn’t want sitting near each other were.  Cheers for that!


We decided to do our seating chart on a mirror with letters we would stick on.  Once we finally sorted out where everyone would sit, we ordered our letters and mirror and undertook the task to place it all together.  This was a frustrating process, but in the end of the day, it looked lovely.  I’ve nicked the photo below from the website we got the letters from as the only photo of ours is the one above.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 19.19.16.png

What was the worst part of planning your wedding?  Why do you think sorting the seating out is such a big headache?

One thought on “Wedding Planning (Pt. 6) – The Worst Part of Wedding Planning.

  1. kat says:

    I can relate! I hated doing the seating chart. Originally, we wanted our guests to be able to pick where and with whom they wanted to sit, but my dad insisted we have one because his family would expect it. We spent many evenings agonizing over it and said “just put him/her there” way too many times. In the end, my dad’s family rearranged a whole table so they could sit where and with whom they wanted. Almost 8 years later I’m still a little angry about it, but, in the end, the day was still nice and eventually most of our guests were mingling too much to remember where they had been sitting.


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