Wedding Planning (Pt. 5) – Planning Your Honeymoon

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One of my favourite parts of wedding planning, was deciding where we would honeymoon.  We knew we wanted to go somewhere tropical and likely all inclusive.  I’ve never been to an all inclusive resort, but my husband had many times and easily convinced me it was a good idea.   I was a bit apprehensive about being jailed on a compound for 10 days, so we tried to combine the best of both worlds.

In the end, we decided on Cuba – Havana for 3 nights + Varadero for 7 nights.  This meant that we would have a mix of city & free range wandering plus the relaxing world of all inclusive.

We stayed at the Melia Habana in Havana, which was amazing.  The service was brilliant and our room was great.  We had a suite which was decorated for us and they provided us with fresh fruit trays and other assorted goodies each day.  This was not all inclusive, but was relatively inexpensive.  It was not city centre, but a cheap taxi was an option if you didn’t get booked in for the free shuttle service the hotel offered.

Our time spent in Havana was a brilliant mix of wandering the streets, drinking many mojitos and swimming in the pool at the hotel.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Havana and would absolutely recommend it!

We took a coach to our Varadero resort – Melia Las Americas – the sister to our Havana hotel.  It couldn’t have been more different than Melia Habana.  The service was crap, the drinks were watered down and the food options were a bit limited.  Additionally, our room was never cleaned and we weren’t provided with clean water at all.  We really can’t recommend our Varadero resort, but would happily recommend our Havana resort.

For us, when planning our honeymoon we wanted to ensure we were somewhere hot, and all the other details were less important and would fold together after.  We actually wrote down a few places and drew names out of a hat.  Eventually, we settled on Cuba because we were looking on Secret Escapes (get a discount here) and saw that they had a decent deal on offer.  We booked it up and were on our way!

Since our honeymoon really wasn’t brilliant, we wanted to do Honeymoon 2.0, which we’ve booked for this coming September (Sri Lanka & the Maldives).

Where did you go on your honeymoon, or are you planning one now?  What’s your criteria?


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