Reuben Thomas.

My husband and I had talked about getting a dog from the very day we met.  On our first date, we went to a pub near (funnily enough) where we live now.  The table next two us had two dogs and both of us calmed our nerves down by oohing and ahhing over the doggies.

We decided that we wanted one but knew we should wait until we were married because we didn’t want a baby out of wedlock.  Kidding.  We wanted to wait because we wanted to get some more travelling done, save some money for the wedding, and knew we’d be insanely busy planning the wedding and dealing with family once they arrived for the day.

Shortly after the wedding and honeymoon, we decided the time was right to start looking for a pup.  We decided we wanted a pug and then started doing some research on breeders.  Right, before anyone starts sending abusive messages about the many issues pugs have, the over breeding, or how we should have adopted instead of shopped, I’ll stop you right there.  Growing up, we had pugs.  I love them, and they’ve always been lovely dogs.  We knew we wanted a puppy and had looked at the many rescues, but puppies are so few and far between.

We found a reputable breeder and contacted her.  We received photos of her dogs and read loads of reviews about her online.   We decided we wanted to get one closer to Christmas so we knew we could have some time off to get him settled in properly.

We started to prep our house and get everything ready to bring our little baby home.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 14.08.14

We bought loads of toys, a comfortable bed & crate liner, and a crate for him to sleep in.  We were ready to bring our boy him even before he was born!

Meet Reuben Thomas Goodey.  Born 23 September 2017.

A few weeks after he was born, we were able to go and meet him.  It was the happiest day ever!  We got to cuddle with him and his brothers and sisters.  A few weeks later, we went back again to see him running & playing with his siblings and another litter.

On 17th November we were able to bring him home.  Our first night together was cuddling and playing until bed time.  My in laws came over to have a play with him as well.  We quickly wanted him introduced to lots of people and children so he could be a well rounded dog with a nice disposition.

When we put him to bed in his crate, we left the door open.  He slept in his crate for a few hours before he wandered to our bedroom at about 3 am.  I spent the night (and many other nights) on the couch with him.

After having him for a few weeks, my husband and I wanted to do something that most new parents do – a family photo shoot.  This, obviously, was a bit tongue in cheek, but Reuben is our baby.

We completely underestimated how much work this would be and how much we would love him.  Shortly after we got our boy, he became quite poorly.  We spent weeks (and hundreds of £ at the vet), trying to make our little baby better.  Luckily, he is now a happy, 6 month old pug who loves everything!  He’s such a sweet dog with a lovely personality.  He loves kids and other dogs and absolutely adores attention and cuddles.

We have also finally given in and let him sleep in our bed now, which he loves.  Want to know more about Reuben?  Thinking about getting a puppy?  I plan to write more about our experience as pawrents, and how our little boy has grown.

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