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I’ve received a few emails lately asking me questions as a follow up to my post 10 Things About Me so thought I would include an AMA section on the blog, which I’ll feature every month or so.

I’ve compiled the first round of questions below.

What are the best destinations you’ve visited so far?

Hmmm – this is a tough one.  I’ve really enjoyed almost everywhere I’ve been, and all for very different reasons.  If I had to narrow it down to my top three cities, I’d say:

  1. Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  2. Edinburgh, Scotland
  3. Krakow, Poland
Where do you dream of going?

Can I just say the entire world?  There are plenty of places I dream of going.  My husband and I have been talking lots about milestone birthdays and planning major holidays around those.  We’re talking Tanzania for his 40th next year and India for my 35th (in a few years).  We’re also quite keen to explore more of Asia, specifically Cambodia, Laos and Borneo.  I’d also like to visit Israel in the next year.

What’s the one thing you always pack?

Besides the normal stuff like clothes, flip flops and a pair of Toms, I alway pack baby wipes.  You never know when you’ll need them, and they have so many uses.  They’re great when you are travelling/living in a van and need them to clean your hands or a nasty spill, or when you’ve just peed on the side of the motorway somewhere.  They’re great for removing make up, cleaning your hands when you’re not near running water, and you feel a bit refreshed when you wipe your face after a long day of sweating.


What’s your one piece of advice for someone who may be intimidated by travelling alone?

Just do it.  If you live with the fear of “what if” you’ll never go.  You’ll continue to look at flights and destinations online and in guides, but you’ll continue to talk yourself out of it, and time will fly by.  Before you know it, you’ll have talked about travelling somewhere for years but won’t have left your living room.  If you’re nervous about travelling alone, I’d suggest finding a cool multi-day tour that covers some cities that you’re curious about. The great thing about these tours is there are always other solo travellers and they tend to flock together.

What’s one thing that makes you nervous about travelling alone?

I guess I am a bit shy and reserved once in a while. Sometimes, it does take me a little while to get the confidence to approach someone who is also alone, or sometimes I get a little self-conscious about doing things on my own.  I still get some nervousness every once in a while.

What’s one thing you miss when you’re travelling?

I’m Canadian, so poutine.  No, actually, its my own bed or my own shower.  Staying in hostels can wear on you a bit after a while.  I’ve been pretty lucky that most of my hostel choices have been good, with decent beds and relatively clean bathrooms, but I do look forward to crawling into my own bed after a nice, long hot shower (without having to wear flip flops), in my own bathroom.


What’s your favorite thing about Canada?

Its so big.  Every where is so different, but each part of the country compliments the rest. I love the mountains.  I love the oceans.  I love the way people are in Canada.  And yes, Canadians have the rep to be kind, generous, overly friendly people abroad, so I always get a “Yay, a Canadian!!” when I meet new people!

How it Works

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