Are We Predisposed to Wanderlust?

There’s an article circulating on social media that I first saw back in 2015 explaining why some people may have an inherent desire to travel – a wanderlust gene, so to speak.

Basically, the article is saying that there are some people who don’t have a desire to leave the comforts of their own space/home/life, and are completely pleased with staying in the city they came from and all that’s within their immediate eye sight.

Then – there’s the others.  Those who tend to gravitate toward fellow explorers, who always carry their passports on them (you know, just in case), and who are constantly looking at filghts, pinning destinations and dreaming of places they’ve never been.

For the travellers, you have that constant urge to get out.  To find something new, and to explore somewhere exciting.  The thirst is not quenchable, and your entire life’s purpose is to try to experience as many places as you can.  Your purpose is to see, do, explore and experience.

Apparently, recent scientific claims have concluded that this need could perhaps be embedded in your DNA.  The gene (DRD4-7R), has been called the “wanderlust gene.”

The reality is, those who posses this genetic information, share one common theme: a history of travel, and apparently only 20% of the population posses this gene.  There’s a higher prevalence of this gene in parts of the world where travel is part of the culture, and is embedded in the roots of society.

The article went on to describe more indepth how this all actually works and what it all means.  What do you think about this?  Do you think wanderlust is genetic?

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