Since I was about 6, I remember keeping some semblance of a journal.  I would write about holidays with family, boys I thought were cute, and dogs I got to pet at the park.  Basically, as a 32 year old, I now journal about the exact same stuff – just in blog format!

I was chatting with a friend the other night about blogging (check her out on The Inspired Home Body) and how I was concerned about making my blog public and what sort of feedback I would get from people.  I’m not an overly public person and have only ever shared my blog with strangers because I wasn’t ready for personal criticisms from friends (even if they were only light hearted).

Why are we like that?  Is it just me?  I work in a creative, co-working space and am surrounded by people all day who make a living blogging and vlogging and love it and are “out there” with their work.  When they first started, were they as apprehensive a me?

I’ve actually been blogging since 2012.  I started my original blog when I was going through loads of change in my life.  I was out of a long term relationship, really excelling in my career, was travelling a lot and was enjoying the single life.  I blogged about my day to day – basically, journaling online.  After a while, I lost interest and stopped, but I had hundreds of followers and felt like I had an actual audience.  I still felt ashamed. My family nor my friends knew I was blogging.  Why, when I was having success & enjoying myself, would I feel like I shouldn’t celebrate what I was doing?

Flash forward 8 years to this blog.  My statistics are through the roof.  I’m getting loads of readers every day and the followers are slowly coming on.  I’m receiving emails constantly with questions or asking me to blog about certain things.  This is so exciting for me, but I’ve still yet to take the leap and share this with anyone I actually know.

Whilst on holiday, I talked to my husband about it.  He knew I enjoyed blogging and had in the past.  I shared my writing with him and he was mega supportive.  I’ve finally decided to just say fuck it and have shared a link on my Instagram profile.  It’s a small step, but now I feel like I’m at least heading in the right direction.

Why do I blog?  When I went to university, I intended to do a degree in Journalism.  I love writing.  I had a mix of boring classes and equally boring profs, and ended up taking other classes to keep me sane that straddled Criminology / Human Rights / Ethics because they were more interesting, and then I ended up changing majors altogether.  I often regret this decision, but know it was the right decision for me at the time.  Because I don’t get to write professionally and will never be employed in the field of journalism, my blog has always been my alternative option.

I’m hoping I’m able to find my confidence and begin to share my blog more openly with the people around me.

What are you most proud of?  How do you deal with criticism?

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5 thoughts on “blogging

  1. CreativeBarn says:

    Hello, I understand your fear. I am going through the similar situation and do not really share any of my hobbies with most of my friends and with none of my colleagues. I hope for audience coming from outside. Besides that I do like writing in English and still fear my English level is not good enough for blogging. But I do it. And if someone going to criticize my work, for sure I will struggle, but that will not stop me. So go on, and one day, we all will get the power to show our real “I”.


    • eringoodey says:

      Your English is brilliant! I don’t know what you’re worried about there 🙂 Glad someone else understands the want for only having an outside audience. It’s a very real thing when your friends and colleagues start to comment about your blog. I instantly feel full of anxiety like I’m being judged, but I’ve only had great feedback so far, so maybe it is best for us to push our boundaries more.

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      • CreativeBarn says:

        Thank you very much for your motivating comment.
        My colleagues are not very open, it is a corporate mentality issue. Their priority is carrier, my priority is freedom. Most of my friends do not speak English 🙄 so it is even more difficult. But I am still very positive. 😄


  2. oldmindwildsoul says:

    Hi, Erin! I loved reading through the years of your blogging journey! It definitely is easy to second guess your work the second you think about releasing it to the public. As long as you’re writing for you, the negative opinions from others can just get lost in the wind. I’m new to blogging so I am enjoying reading about other people’s blogging history. Great post, can’t wait to read more!


    • eringoodey says:


      Thank you for the feedback. It really is easy to be your own biggest critic, isn’t it? I worry so much about what others think, when in reality, I’m not important enough to be on anyone’s radar anyway! haha Its just the “putting yourself out there” that makes you feel vulnerable. Good luck with your blogging. Looking forward to checking out your blog.


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