3 Days in Dubrovnik + Bonus Trip

My husband and I spent Easter bank holiday weekend in Dubrovnik, with a side trip to Bosnia & Herzegovina, (read more about our Easter trip to the Vatican two years ago).  We dropped our pooch off to the boarders on Wednesday night as we needed to be at the airport super early on Thursday.  We also used Wednesday night as an excuse to have a takeaway, pack and sleep in a dog free bed for one night.

Upon arrival in Dubrovnik, we were picked up by the owner of the apartment we were staying at.  We booked via booking.com (discount available here), as we have done with a few of our upcoming holidays.

The above photos were taken from the booking.com listing.

The flat itself was well-situated and well priced.  Dubrovnik is a walled city, with everything built up.  This means a lot of steps.  From our flat to the main street, it was 137 cobbled steps.  These were a challenge after a few drinks!!

Fun fact: the new Leonardo DiCaprio Robin Hood film was filmed on our street.

Our time in Dubrovnik was mostly spent eating, drinking and Games of Throne’ing.  We did a (paid) Game of Thrones walking tour through the city, which was brilliant.  I’m not a GOT fan, by any means, but my husband is and he was majorly impressed / in awe.  I would highly recommend a walking tour of the city to get better acquainted with the history and to get a lay of the land.


Dubrovnik Walking Tours  lead our tour.  We were taken through all the parts of the Old City where some of the best scenes were filmed including: the Pile Gate and the Lovrijenac Fort (which gives stellar views of the walled city, see above).  We really enjoyed the tour, which finished up at a souvenir shop that housed the iron throne.

Aside from the walking tour, we consumed lots of food & drinks.  Croatia has an abundance of seafood, which is entirely lost on my husband and I as we don’t eat it, but we were able to find other delicious Mediterranean food.

We’d recommend checking out Buzz Bar for a cocktail, which was conveniently located 116 steps below our flat.  For food, we really enjoyed Dalmantino Dubrovnik, where I tried Žrnovski makaruli with porcini mushrooms and truffles and it was delicious!

Pasta „makaruni“ was traditionaly hand made, but only for special occasions. It origins from place Žrnovo on Korčula island. Makaruni were very special and expensive, so commoners would afford them just a few times a year, while Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik) aristocracy often enjoyed this speciality.

One of the highlights of our trip, was actually a day trip we took to Bosnia & Herzegovnia.  The day started with an early morning pick up and we were off to BH.  We stopped in Neum along the way, which was given to BH by Croatia, so also meant our first border stop.  The trip itself was 8 am – 6 pm (ish), but I would estimate an hour or more was spent queuing at passport / boarder control between the two countries.

Our first stop was at Kravice Waterfalls  which, despite the chilly / misty weather, was beautiful. The water was quite high, so parts of the park which would normally be pedestrian were flooded over.

We carried on the journey to Mostar, where we were met by a local guide who walked us through the city for about an hour.  Mostar is breathtaking.  It was filled with incredible smells, friendly people, and beautiful arhitechture.  We truly enjoyed our, albeit short, time there.

My husband and I wandered around the cobbled streets before settling in for some ćevapčići.  I had tried it a few years ago whilst in Croatia, but it was a first for my husband.  He ended up eating mine & his, so it definitely got his seal of approval.


We also visited the mosque and climbed up the minaret for incredible views of the city.  It really has the best views of Mostar.  Mind the narrow, cobbled, winding steps up the minerat, and don’t look down when you’re at the top or your knees may go weak.


I would highly recommend a trip to Mostar.  We would like to go back in the summer when the weather is better.  It gets up to 50 degrees, which is mental, but would be well worth checking out in the summer.  Especially if you’re keen to do one of the most epic things – jumping from the bridge!

Have you been to Mostar?  To Dubrovnik?  What were your favourite things to do?


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