Asos Haul

Needing a few new pieces for my wardrobe, specifically for an upcoming holiday, I did a quick online shop.  Here’s a review of the bits I picked up on Asos last week.

ASOS CURVE Skin Firming Support 50 Denier Tights – £8, size 18-20

These tights, on the face of it, look and feel brilliant.  Like every other single pair of tights I own, these roll down.  I’ve been in some pretty dangerous positions with these tights where they’ve slowly crept to below my butt.  They feel great on my legs, but the length of them is weird and I find I have a roll up of tights on my thighs that creep their way into my pelvis and makes me feel mega uncomfortable.  I wouldn’t recommend these tights unless you’re taller than I am (I’m 5’4), and don’t have to worry about the weird bunch up.   These are currently out of stock.

ASOS CURVE Supportive Textured Bralet – £16, size 22-24

Anyone with big boobs understands how challenging it is to find a decent fitting sports bra.  I really wanted something I could easily just throw on and not have to deal with trying to get my boobs comfortably situated.  I hesitated on purchasing this bralet because it did have an eye hook closure, but it looked quite comfortable so I gave it a bash.  I ordered a 22-24 (my normal bra size is 38G), and I think I actually could have gone a bit bigger.  There is no support, whatsoever, but my boobs were still spilling out of the top. I returned this bra.

ASOS DESIGN Curve denim original high waisted skirt in washed black – £25, size 20

Even when purchasing this, I was a bit hesitant of a high waisted denim skirt because I never know how they’re going to fit.  This skirt is not true to size and you should go up one size if you’re considering purchasing.  The denim is great quality, but the skirt didn’t quite fit the way I would have liked.  I returned this skirt, but am considering purchasing it in a larger size to give it a try.

Nike Plus Club Swoosh Leggings In Black – £22, size XL

I love these.  These leggings fit so well!  They’re incredibly comfortable, true to size and sit in the right places (comfortable on the hips and at land at the ankle).  I would recommend these leggings and plan to buy an additional pair.

ASOS CURVE Double Pephem Top – £28, size 20

This bright red, lightweight top cuts you at the hips.  It has a zipper back and double peplum, with a crew neck.  Personally, I found the cut of the peplum to not suit my body.  I felt like it added more weight to my hips and made me look quite broad.  This top fits true to size; however, I did find it a bit tight across my chest. I returned this top.

ASOS CURVE V-Neck Swing T-Shirt 2 Pack –  £14, size 20

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 13.26.26

I love a t-shirt, especially a loose fitting one in a comfy fabric.  This 2 pack is brilliant.  I have nothing bad to say about these T’s!  Super comfortable, flowy, but not too big and loose.  I intend on purchasing another pack.

ASOS CURVE Sweat in Stripe – £18, size 22

I did the size recommendation tool on Asos when I purchased this one as horizontal stripes can sometimes not be super flattering, and it recommended a 22.  I should have ordered a 18.  This sweatshirt was SO big on me.  If you’re going to get it, definitely order your exact size.

ASOS DESIGN Curve cotton mini skater skirt with button front – £18, size 20

I ordered a 20 in this skirt and I wish I would have ordered 18.  The skirt’s waist is entirely elasticated and fits really well.  The button front is great (not mock buttons), and it cuts mid thigh.  The fabric is a loose and light cotton, cut in an a-line.  I wore this skirt with a blue & white striped linen v-neck t-shirt from Simply Be and got loads of compliments.

ASOS DESIGN Curve denim mom short in washed black – £28, size 20

I struggle to find shorts I like.  As a girl who has always had thick thighs (even when I was a size 6), I hated the way my legs looked.  It wasn’t until I was older and started travelling abroad that I actually began to stop caring what other people thought about my legs (and my body).  Finding shorts is a brutal task still though.  I really struggle to find shorts that fit my thighs and waist the right way, and I absolutely hate high waisted shorts (or jeans) on the best of days.  I’ve read that ‘mom’ jeans / shorts are a good alternative because they fit high on the waist, so thought it best to give these a try.

I couldn’t get them over my arse.  I pulled them up over my hefty thighs, but my bum wouldn’t go into them comfortably.  They just felt tight and like my bum was squished in.  I didn’t even bother to do the button up before pulling them off in disgust.  These were returned.  I’d recommend, if you’ve a body shape like mine, going up one size.

*this is not a paid advert.  I have not received anything in exchange for this from Asos. The photos from this post are from Asos’ website.

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