Home Renovations: The Bathroom

My husband and I bought our flat in April 2016.  When we moved in, we knew it was going to be a massive job to repair / renovate / redecorate.  The flat itself is relatively small – big by London standards, I guess – but required a lot of TLC.

The walls were red.  Like, London Bus red.  The flat itself was a mish-mash of bachelor pad stink, awful decor and outdated fixtures.

We decided that we would kick the “making this our home” process the second day we moved in.  Immediately ripping up carpets and painting – after we spent 16 hours scrubbing the place down (there were actual layers of grease that had to be scrubbed off the walls).

We took pride in getting our flat to be our home.  We still change things every now & then, as we see fit, and it’s been a fun, albeit exhausting, process.  We originally had painted our bedroom a dark blue on one wall with the same grey on the others as our living room.  One night, after too many G&Ts on the couch, I ended up ordering a cool blue & white ikat wall paper which has completely changed our bedroom.  It feels like a relaxing nook now and we love it.

Our next project is our bathroom.  We’ve done nothing major to the bathroom since we moved in.  We’ve had some issues with the shower pump so had to replace that, which lead to us replacing the whole shower, but other than that, it’s the same as it was when we moved in.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 09.42.03.png

The bathroom is small. We have an airing cupboard which houses our boiler and some towels & cleaners, but not much else can go in there.  The guy we bought our flat from was well proud of the bathroom redecoration he had done, but like everything else he had fixed in the flat, it was a mess.  He purchased a job lot of tiles and the same ones on the floor go up the walls and into the shower surround.  Because it is such a small space, the dark grey walls and the poor lighting (no windows), makes the bathroom feel a bit cave like.  Instead of buying one really nice medicine cupboard / mirror, he’s bought two mis-matched ones and hung them at different heights (similar to the kitchen cupboards before we ripped the kitchen a part).

I’m starting to put together ideas & boards for the bathroom and we’re considering two options:

Bathroom with only a shower + toilet + sink

Bathroom with a tub / shower suite + toilet + sink

The reality is, the person who buys our flat, will be either a single person or a young couple.  Are bath tubs really that important to people?  Now that we’ve decided to stay here for at least 1.5 years more, I’m leaning toward the bathtub / shower suite.  What would you decide?


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