Wedding Planning – Part 1

Nearly a year ago (13 May 2017), Stuart and I got married.  We were engaged in April 2016, after a whirlwind relationship that started in October 2015 (hey, we move fast).  We had a few factors that made us rush our wedding, and whilst I wish we had more time to plan, we really needed to make snap decisions with planning.


Just after we got engaged in Istanbul – April 2016

When we originally started talking about the wedding, we had a few things we knew for a fact that we wanted – an absolutely fun-filled event with no children in attendance.  Right, let me explain before the PC brigade starts leaving me abuse in the comments.  Stuart and I don’t have children, nor do we ever want them.  As such, we don’t really know how to plan a fun event for both adults & kids, and we didn’t want a kids’ birthday party feel to our wedding (which was the case in many of the weddings we had previously attended).  We wanted our friends & family to come, let their hair down, and get absolutely pissed with us.  We also couldn’t justify £50 per head for children’s fish fingers.  So, yeah.  Justified.

Our wedding was magical and we absolutely loved our day.  We talk about it all the time.  We had so much fun.  Of course, with anything, there were hitches.  The biggest issue we had was with our caterers, but to not risk a lawsuit, I won’t slag them off too much (at least by their name).  The service was crap, the lead up to the wedding was crap, but we were stuck.  We already paid thousands of pounds and were locked in (read: stuck with no exit clause in the contract).

Over the next few weeks, I plan to feature various aspects of wedding planning, including how not to get stuck with absolute shit caterers (and other suppliers) like we did, but also:

  • Picking Your Suppliers.
  • Finding Your Gown.
  • Wedding Insurance – Is it Worth It?
  • Planning Your Honeymoon.
  • The Worst Part of Wedding Planning (it’s the damn seating chart, by the way).
  • Where you can save money (and where to splurge).
  • Planning & Execution of the big day.

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