Let’s go!

Right, so many, many times, I’ve attempted blogging.  I think I remember writing my first one back in 2012 when I was about to embark on my first holiday abroad.

I had never been abroad before.  Never travelled solo.  Was just out of a ridiculously shite relationship.  Thought, hey, how difficult can blogging be?!  Well, my friends, my attention span got the better of me.

Whilst I was away, I kept a journal.  It was a little notebook I picked up at Chapters Indigo before I left Canada for my multi-week journey through Scotland and Ireland.  I had a brilliant pen, that promptly exploded at the high altitude of the plane, which inhibited my actual writing until I was able to nick a pen from somewhere in the hostel I stayed in.

When I came home from my trip, I opened up my little laptop and flipped open my notebook, and started to type out my notes.  It felt very … un-organic.  Growing bored of this, I really didn’t bother to follow on with the blog.

Having been bitten by the travel bug in 2012, I quickly convinced my boss to give me more time off, and was off on my second holiday of the year – this time, England, Belgium and Scotland.  Again, I packed my little notebook (and a better pen), and set off on my journey.  The same cycle when I came home of pulling out my (booze-stained) note book, and my laptop and typing away.  Bored.

I decided to invest in a tablet, thinking this would help my travel writing / blogging.  $125 later, and I didn’t even bother to turn it on once on my 2013 trip abroad.  This time, having gone to Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Spain, Netherlands, and Scotland, I didn’t bother to write anything down either.  I had hoped that in my inebriated state of travel, I would just *remember* things and be able to blog when I got home.  Fail.

See the trend?  I’m basically shit at everything.

Enter this blog.  Now, I feel like I’m an adult. Well, we have a mortgage payment and a dog, so yeah, basically an adult.

I moved to the UK in 2015, and since then so much has changed.  I plan to use this blog to document just a few of the ramblings my husband wished he didn’t have to listen to, as well as document what it’s like to be a newly wed, a flat owner in London (and the upcoming potential moving process in the heat of Brexit), as well as travel, dog mum stuff, travel planning, and general whinging about every day life.

Let’s get this started …. and hopefully let’s not fail this time!




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