And so the adventure begins … 

Join me on a crazy, rambling journey of a Canadian girl living in London, UK.  Trying to navigate her way through life, love and adventure.

Over the course of my adult life, I have kept some semblance of a blog.  With many failed attempts, and no real motivation to write, I would often times find myself struggling to sit down at my laptop.

I wanted to write about travel, so started a travel blog when I was backpacking through Europe, but never really wanted to stop travelling, even for 5 minutes, to actually write.  At night, in my hostel bed, I’d usually jot a few notes down in an actual (hard copy) journal, with the best of intentions to type everything up, but it would often wait until I got home.

Finally, once I reached my final destination back in Canada, I often drifted into a state of post holiday depression / being too busy with life to write about travel, or was scheming to get more holiday time / money so I could go abroad then.  My blog would often fall to the way side, I’d lose my log in details, and I’d start fresh on the next journey.

Thus, the vicious cycle finally came to a close a few years ago, just before I packed up my life in Canada and moved to the UK.  You would think a major life event like that would warrant me starting a blog, or at least revitalising one of my old ones, but alas, I grew lazy and complacent with the day to day.

Now, being a 30-something newlywed / new (dog) mum, trying to work my way through establishing a career in London, building a home with my husband, and trying to nip off on holidays as often as we can, I find more focus and a stronger desire to write more frequently – and not just about travel!

Want to know more about me?  Read on, friends.